Dislike of Mueller grows as more people learn about him

Peter Strzok, Robert Mueller

The job, responsibilities and duties of a special counsel appointed by the FBI likely weren’t at the top of the conversation list for many Americans when Robert Mueller was handed the job of looking into claims of “collusion” with the Russians by the Trump campaign.

So not many people had a strong opinion.

Now we know the information that triggered that appointment likely came from a political opposition research operation funded by Hillary Clinton. And a new poll shows the more people find out, the less they like Mueller.

The Marist poll reveals at this point, “Americans’ attitudes about Special Counsel Robert Mueller are mixed, and a growing proportion of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of the special counsel.”

It shows 30 percent of Americans now “have an unfavorable view of Mueller.”

That’s up by half, from 20 percent, from late March.

“The change is in



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