Disgraced CNN CREEP Tries to Shame Rittenhouse | @Chad Prather

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Jeffrey Toobin – the man most famous for going on a date with Rosie Palms during a work Zoom meeting – said multiple times the other day that Kyle Rittenhouse was “an idiot.” Now, call me crazy – and maybe I am … find out by buying my book “Am I Crazy?” – but I think it’s kind of funny when a man who got himself temporarily suspended after a bout of hand-to-gland combat has the … well … balls to say something like that on national television. Hey, CNN, maybe your chief expert on what qualifies someone to be a moron shouldn’t have gained all his knowledge on the subject from being one! WATCH more Chad Prather: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ymvc0BiaJ4I

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