Did George W. Bush Just Trash Trump’s Travel Ban as Unconstitutional?

George W. Bush seemed to have some harsh words regarding the constitutionality of Donald Trump’s emergency travel ban.

During his campaign and transition into the White House, Trump had an incredible effect on the makeup of our governmental partisanship, with both democrats and some turncoat republicans working overtime to delegitimize his blossoming presidency.  Now, one of the most prominent living republicans, former President George W. Bush, has taken his criticism of Trump to the brink of a constitutional crisis.

“Monday on NBC’s ‘Today,’ former President George W. Bush was asked to offer his thoughts on President Donald Trump’s executive order halting immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

“Bush emphasized to host ‘Today’ host Matt Lauer the importance to ‘worship freely.’

“’I think it’s very important for all of us to recognize one of our great strengths is for people to be able to worship the way they want to or…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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