Did DEM Valerie Jarrett Launch Watergate Style Attack on Trump?

We have all been watching the news, collecting details and information on the wire tapping of the Trump Towers during the election. Could Democrat Valerie Jarrett have been the inside man here, creating a Watergate styled attack?

I have been hearing about the Obama Administration wiretapping and trying desperately to uncover links of Trump and Puttin without success for months. Obama was desperate to blame the Russians for Hillary’s loss. I have warned that Obama’s OFA was circumventing state level Democrats. The rumor mill alleges that this was a Valerie Jarrett operation which was directed from the White House – not the Justice Department as being claimed. The Obama officials are not denying the covert operation, but are trying to paint it as a legitimate investigation of Trump launched by Lynch at the Justice Department to give deniability to Obama. Jarrett was a Senior Adviser to Obama between 2009 up until January 20th, 2017. She is…



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