Did Biden Just Admit to a “Liberal World Order”?

Joe Biden’s final speech has caused quite a stir among conspiracy theorists.

Biden, who many believed would attempt a run at the White House until his son passed away, was speaking for the final time in Vice-Presidential capacity when he warned other world leaders of allowing their hard-fought “liberal world order” from slipping away under a Trump Presidency.

“Vice President Joe Biden delivered an epic final speech Wednesday to the elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“The gist of his speech was simple: At a time of ‘uncertainty’ we must double down on the values that made Western democracies great, and not allow the ‘liberal world order’ to be torn apart by destructive forces.

“Biden went after Russian President Vladimir Putin by name, saying he is using ‘every tool’ in his power to whittle away the European project, and undermine Western democracies. Biden accused Putin of wanting to ‘roll back decades of progress.’



Andrew West

Andrew West

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