DeVos: Fumbling The Bathroom Issue And Opposing President Trump

In this article: Department Of Education: Was Betsy DeVos the Wrong Choice? I warned that Betsy DeVos was an inadequate choice. The Department of Education should be dissolved first and foremost. I also warned that conservatives should not stick their neck out to defend DeVos. Here is why:

In a recent report by the NY Times, DeVos opposed President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the removal of “bathroom protections” for transgendered students. She was apparently fronted with a choice given to her from President Trump: resign or support our position. She caved and eventually signed off on the order. But her spinelessness was already on display.

DeVos: Fumbling The Bathroom Issue

DeVos is reportedly a “silent supporter of LGBTQ rights”. I must applaud both Jeff Sessions and President Trump for railroading her and essentially disposing of her fecklessness.

Statement and My Response

I will address the statement by…



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