Despite Concerns, Florida Begins Spraying for Zika

Are we on the verge of Zikapocalypse? Florida is ground zero for the Zika virus in America and they are beginning to fight it with an aerial applied “poison”. Floridians are more than concerned.

South Florida began aerial spraying this weekend to combat mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus. The first plane carrying the insecticide Naled, sprayed in Miami Beach this past Friday at dawn, followed by a second spraying Sunday. Two more spraying’s are planned for the next two Sundays, but some Miami residents are still opposed to it, citing the potential harmful effects of the insecticide.

Area resident Brik Viera told CBS News:

“We are concerned that the Naled actually has more of a potential risk of creating the problems we are trying to avert than the actual concern with Zika.”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) backed off on a plan in July to spray Naled in…



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