Deputies must stand trial over home invasion

Two deputies in the Gillespie County, Texas, sheriff’s office stand trial on charges of unreasonable search and seizure after they staged a standoff with a local family, demanding to enter and inspect their home because of a tip from an unknown person.

The ruling comes from U.S. District Judge David Ezra, who left the charges standing against Deputy Sgt. Joe Hindman and Deputy Hunter Westbrook in a case brought by Huntly and Susan Dantzler.

The incident developed May 3, 2015, when an “unidentified male” called the sheriff’s office and claimed to have seen the Dantzlers’ son, Huntly Dantzler Jr., drinking with a woman in a Fredericksburg, Texas, bar.

The unknown person claimed the son put pills into the woman’s drink and she was highly intoxicated.

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