Depraved, Horrific Refugee Violence Strikes Germany

Germany may finally be coming to grips with the migrant violence epidemic after a horrific beheading struck the nation.

Between a massive citizen uprising, a massive uptick in sexual assaults, and a growing and vibrant black market for firearms, Germany has been feeling the brunt of the migrant crisis gripping the globe.  Now, a sad and horrific story from Deutschland could be the last straw.

“Cops attended the apartment after neighbours claimed there was a rancid stench coming from the property.

“Police found the victim – named as Tunay G – after her body had already begun to decay, reports Bild.

“Her body had also been decorated with stones, string and feathers in what investigators believe was a “ritual killing”.

“The 39-year-old migrant was arrested on June 11 for the killing of his girlfriend, also 39.”

If the world cannot come to grips with the ridiculous danger of certain refugees,…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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