Democrats Under Fire for Using Texas Schools for Illegal Electioneering

Texas Democrats have been using voter registration tactics and campaigning targeting teachers and eligible students of voting age that violate the state Constitution and electioneering laws.

Democrats in the deeply red state tried, and failed, to use Democrat teachers in Texas to elect Republican candidates. Republicans that tend to be more liberal and willing to throw money towards the schools.

Attorney General Ken Paxton has had to warn three Texas school districts to “cease and desist” what he called illegal electioneering efforts.

“These school districts must understand that they are responsible, as all state agencies are, for refraining from spending public funds on advocating for or opposing political candidates.” Paxton said

“The electioneering of these school districts is unacceptable. It is a poor example of the civic responsibility, integrity, and honesty that Texas educators should model for our students.”

Paxton’s letters emphasize that school districts may promote civic engagement



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