Democrats Still Living In An Alternate Reality, ‘The Democrat Zone’


You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land where acts are good when executed by one party, but evil when they come from another.  That’s the signpost up ahead — your next stop, the Democrat Zone. 

By Joe Messina

I’ve always been one who wants open dialogue on all issues. I like when someone has an opposing viewpoint and comes at it honestly. Note that word “honestly.” What I mean by that is, if you have formulated your own opinion based on fact or experience then even if we are at opposite ends of the issue we should be fine. If you are simply spewing the “Party” line or repeating fake news from your favorite fake news sources, then the gloves are off.

Case in point: When President Oblamo restricted visa waivers for…



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