Democrats React To GOP Healthcare Bill With Same Hate Speech That Incited Scalise Shooting

After the shooting of Steve Scalise, political leaders of both major parties urged the ending of hateful rhetoric political rhetoric. But as soon as senate Republicans introduced their draft healthcare bill,  Democrats forgot all about the “era of good feelings” after the Scalise shooting and used inflammatory hate rhetoric to fight against the GOP Healthcare bill.

Less than two weeks ago a crazed Republican-hater entered a park where the GOP members of congress were practicing for the annual congressional, baseball charity game scheduled for the next day. The intruder started shooting at the team wounding five, one of which was Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) who lingered near death for days and is now improving.

Many suggested the shooter James Hodgkinson was motivated to kill Republicans by years of hateful rhetoric spewed by Democratic party politicians. For years the Democrats have portrayed their Republican opposition as sub-human, narcissistic, greedy, rich, fat-cat, corporate chieftains and/or hillbilly, gun-toting, women-hating,…



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