Democrats dislike CCW, NRA but support govt. gun registration

A new survey shows most Democrats favor gun restrictions and don’t like the NRA.(Dave Workman)

A new and extensive survey of American opinion by The Economist and YouGov has turned up some alarming, but not surprising, revelations including the fact that a majority of Democrats are more in favor of a government gun registry than they are about concealed carry, armed teachers and the nation’s largest gun rights organization.

As reported by the National Review, this survey – taken Feb. 25-27 from among 1,500 U.S. adults, showed that more than one-third of Democrats would do away with the Second Amendment and 21 percent of the entire population would go along with it. Eighty-two percent of Democrats support banning all semiautomatic firearms.

But there are other troubling revelations for gun owners and Second Amendment advocates.

When it comes to preventing citizens from carrying concealed sidearms in public, 65 percent of



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