Democrat Witch Hunt Against Jeff Sessions Will Backfire

Washington, D.C., law professor and attorney Victor Williams is the rare academic who is willing to speak out against the bad behavior of Liberals and Democrats. In this case, he criticizes Democrats who are engaging in what he calls a “witch hunt” against Attorney General Jeff Sessions and states that their behavior is likely to backfire against them in 2018.

Democratic Witch Hunt Against Jeff Sessions

“Jeff Sessions did nothing wrong. Jeff Sessions said nothing wrong. And, his partisan enemies know it,” he said in a statement released by America First Lawyers’ Association, of which he is a chairman. “The same extreme partisans and greedy globalists who relentlessly attacked Jeff Sessions during his Senate confirmation ordeal are again abusing him. The American people can see through these unfair and untrue smears.”

He made further statements that imply that Democrats have their priorities backwards with their “strange obsession” with the…



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