Democrat Rep Isn’t On Board For Banning Semi-Automatic Weapons? [Video]

[VIDEO] Was the CNN crowd really applauding the banning of semi-automatic weapons? That is the conclusion that was reached in an interview with Michigan’s Dan Kildee’ on CNN. When you watch the video and hear the reaction to Marco Rubio’s statement, it is not clear that they are cheering the ban part of the statement or the slippery slope part of the statement. As it was a CNN Town Hall, you will probably have to go with Option A. 

[embedded content]
As Written and Reported By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

Via the Free Beacon, I don’t get it. Why would a Democrat from Michigan be reluctant to admit his party’s obvious desire to ban–

Oh, right. Right. I forgot.

Let me give CNN a bit of credit here, on a day when my opinion of the network has never been lower. This is a question that should be asked of Democratic pols, not because it’s a gotcha



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