Democrat and Former Clinton Aide Throws TEMPER TANTRUM After He’s Confronted By Fox News Host!

Sometimes even the news can be very entertaining. If you didn’t catch the episode the other day on Fox News with Melissa Francis you missed it! If you wanted to see a Democrat squirm from just being asked basic questions, well this was a pretty interesting entertainment to say the least. Let’s just say, Simon Rosenberg is a nothing more than a DC swamp creature.

Media bias is rampant in today’s world. While most media outlets run liberal, Fox News is the more right-leaning network. And viewers got some serious red meat recently, when a Democrat and former Clinton aide threw an epic temper tantrum live on air.

Simon Rosenberg formerly served as an aide on Democrat Bill Clinton’s campaign, and appeared Wednesday on Fox News’ “Happening Now” with Melissa Francis. “What is one thing that you think you can change about this (tax) bill that would make it



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