Death Of Criminal Prompts Violence Parade

Riots Erupted In Southern Los Angeles (Image: MGN)

A citywide tactical alert was issued in Los Angeles after riots broke out at Western and 108th Street. The riots started during a vigil for Carnell Snell Jr., a young teen was shot and killed by police the day before. Snell was reportedly fleeing from a stolen vehicle when police opened fire. The alert has been called off and only four people were arrested.

The streets of Southern Los Angeles boiled over into riots yesterday after a cop involved shooting. A young teen was fleeing from police, reportedly from a stolen vehicle, when an officer shot and killed the suspect. People gathered at the place of the shooting, an intersection in southern Los Angeles, and before long riots broke out.

At around 8pm around two dozen people gathered at the intersection of Western and 108th Street in protest against the recent police…



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