DC Mass Transit Targeted by Anarchists and Rabble-Rousers


The American left’s plans to snarl the inauguration of Donald Trump now includes a wave of attacks on Washington D.C.’s public transit system.

Leftists, anarchists, and paid agitators are planning to cripple Washington D.C. on Friday.

For week, leftists the nation over have been working in unison to defy the will of We The People, and create chaos on inauguration day.  Through their hashtag, #DisruptJ20, anarchists and ne’er-do-wells have coordinated several different sects of militant liberals who aim to bring our nation’s capital to its knees.

“Far left agitators are reportedly planning to block access to the 2017 presidential inauguration by disabling the Washington DC metro line, a potentially terroristic act which may constitute a federal offense.

“In the latest sting video covertly filmed by Project Veritas, leaders from several left-wing organizations conduct training workshops informing ‘comrades’ how anti-inauguration events will proceed.

“One DisruptJ20 organizer, Legba Carrefour, explains the protest…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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