David Shumock Is A True American Hero

Shumock has called the dusty, makeshift, camp surrounded on three sides by ISIS, for a year. From this base, the men, part of the Kurdish quick reaction force, support a 500-mile long line, responding to attacks wherever and whenever they come. Often, it’s their base under attack from artillery. As he watches these convoys, Shumock explained how they’re prohibited from attacking unless they are certain no civilians are in the line of fire.

NORTHERN IRAQ – On the Western side of Mosul, far from the media’s attention, lies a forgotten front crucial to choking off ISIS’ lifeline to Syria.

Fox News recently made the eight hour trip west from Mosul to the front outside the devastated city of Sinjar and found a small outpost where a handful of men hold off near-daily attacks from ISIS fighters.

One soldier manning the post was David Shumock, a 62-year-old Floridian and former…



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