Dan Bongino Goes Head To Head With Don Lemon

Watch Republican congressional candidate and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino go on a panel discussion on CNN hosted by the Trump hating Don Lemon.

The topic of discussion is about the remarks that Donald Trump made on Tuesday about 2nd amendment supporters deciding the election. At first, Dan Bongino tries very hard to remain calm and patient and to make his point to Don Lemon. However, it soon turns into a screaming match with Don trying to talk over the panel and Bongino to push his own view of the speech.

This is something we see from the left all the time and especially from Don Lemon. They grab a conservative, ask them a question, and then proceed to yell and berate them until they get frustrated enough to yell back. CNN then gets to run it as a clip and point out how unstable the right is.





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