Dallas Gunman Was A Well Trained Killer

Dallas Gunman Was Trained To Kill (Image: MGN)

Micah Johnson, the Dallas gunman, had trained two years prior to the attack. He took a course at a self-dense school, that taught firearm tactics “under high levels of stress.” His neighbor had also reportedly informed investigators that he was running military drills in his backyard.

Five police officers are dead in Dallas because of one man, Micah Johnson. He tactfully shot down and robbed them of their life. It was not the kind of assault that could be labeled impassioned. It was cold and calculated. It was trained.

Micah Johnson was trained. Not only was he an Army veteran, but he had received training from a private self-defense school in Texas, The Academy of Combative Warrior Arts. The school focuses on teaching firearm tactics under high levels of stress.

One of the courses the school offers is called the Tactical Applications…



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