Dakota Access Pipeline’s Financial Impact Could Be Staggering

The economic impact of the Dakota Access Pipeline will be staggering, but that impact is being ignored by the mainstream media.

The trashy mess leftover by these leftist agitators belied their complete and utter lack of fundamental reasoning, and underscored the issue that progressive groups have with “big picture” logic.  Now, a new report out of North Dakota has outlined something else that these protesters didn’t realize; the Dakota Access Pipeline is going go be an enormous boon to the North Dakota economy.

“North Dakota is expected to gain $100 million or more annually in tax revenue once crude oil begins flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline, according to an Associated Press report released on Thursday.

“That’s money the sparsely populated northern state, which struggles with declining tax revenue, can use.

“North Dakota has a police bill of $33 million from the cost of dispatching officers and security personnel to…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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