Dad Yells at Lawyer Who Said Baby Gard’s Brain Scan Is ‘Sad Reading’

LONDON — The British parents of critically ill baby Charlie Gard have been told by a hospital lawyer that the results of their son’s latest brain scans make for “sad reading.”

Great Ormond Street Hospital lawyer Katie Gollop broke the bad news to Charlie’s parents at a pre-court hearing Friday in London.

Charlie’s father, Chris Gard, yelled “Evil!” at Gollop as his mother, Connie Yates, began to cry. The parents said at the hearing it was the first time they were being told about the latest results in the crucial test of Charlie’s brain function.

The hospital believes that 11-month-old Charlie has suffered irreversible brain damage that treatment cannot repair. His parents disagree. Earlier this week, Charlie underwent brain scans in an attempt to determine whether his brain damage is irreversible.

The results of the scans were not made public.

The pre-hearing Friday was the latest step in his parents’



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