CRUZ Fails To Endorse Trump – Hero or Traitor?

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Ted Cruz was the runner up to Donald Trump in the race to the nomination.

He was asked by Donald Trump to speak at the convention…presumably to unite the party and throw his support behind Trump.

That didn’t happen.

Well, he did speak. He gave a rousing talk about conservatism and your conscience, but he fell short of endorsing the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

He was then booed from the stage and his wife was heckled with chants of Goldman Sachs as she was escorted out.

There are two perspectives on this.

Ted Cruz just crashed his political career into the earth by breaking his signed word to support the nominee.

Or he is the most principled man in politics worthy of leadership.

The vast majority of the internet lit a fire for Cruz and condemned his actions as treasonous to the Republican Party. However, not everyone saw…



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