Crony Capitalism Is Rocking It In The Contact Lens Industry

COMMENTARY by Steve Sherman

As if it’s not bad enough that you drew the DNA short straw and can’t see without correction, now the government, the eye doctors, and the contact lens manufacturers are frolicking in bed together at your expense.

The contact lens industry is a “rigged game”.

Where else in health care can you prescribe a product you sell to a patient at your mercy? Nowhere else of course.

Where else can manufacturers of a product set up cozy relationships with doctors to shut out competition and enrich each other the most? Again…nowhere.

Where else can you get a willing accomplice found in a US Senator to do your bidding and draft legislation to keep the salacious relationship going? Don’t answer that.

We’ve got trouble…right here in River City. If you have bad eyes it may be a blessing so you don’t see all the collusion going on…



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