Crazy California Legislators Approve Cow Fart Legislation to Curb Gas Emissions

Cows could literally be exploding thanks to new legislation.

If this wasn’t California you would know it was a spoof. However, nothing is too strange for California.

Legislators are seriously going after cow farts. Mostly dairy farms will be hurt by this legislation as they maintain herds of cows for long periods of time.

When you have herds of cattle, there is a constant set of chores revolving around feeding them and cleaning up after them.

The fruit of all that labor ends up deliciously in our glasses and poured over cereal. Got Milk?

Milk is fine, but the California government is cracking down on all that methane.

Say no to cow farts. They believe cow farting is hurting the environment. It sounds laughable, but they are absolutely serious.


From CBS SF:

SACRAMENTO (AP) — California’s Legislature has approved regulations on cow…



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