Court hearing for officialswho demanded church’s money

Su Tianfu (Image courtesy China Aid)

A pastor of a Chinese house church whose fellow church leader was jailed and then ordered by the government to turn over church money has been told to submit evidence in his case against the authorities who issued the orders and then prepare for a hearing, according to the China Aid ministry.

WND reported earlier this month that China Aid, which supports Christians in the communist nation, said Pastor Li Guozhi, also is known as Yang Hua, was jailed for “divulging state secrets,” a common charge used against Christians in the communist nation.

He is with Huoshi Church, the largest in Guiyang, Guizhou, and now a second pastor there, Su Tianfu, is caught up in the case.

The government claimed the pastors had access to $1 million in “illegal income” and demanded the cash.

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