Couple’s Chocolate Labrador is having a Fart Attack [VIDEO]

Fortunately it won’t be on Smellevision, but a couple’s aged chocolate Labrador was blowing out the old system.  Viewers have been impressed by the range of his farts.  From a wide range of octaves with deeper, bassier farts interspersed with higher pitched squeakier farts

The video was uploaded by the owners, Billy and Charlie Howard in Massachusetts.

Here is a song about the video sung to the tune of “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton:

If you wanna yell and shout you gotta let it out , methane

If you wanna blow down, I’m gonna  have to frown, methane

We gonna cry, we gonna cry, we gonna cry, methane

If you give me bad news, you will be my shoes, methane

When the battles done, we gonna run, methane

We gonna cry, we gonna…



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