Could Google Actually Lose the Left?

Google is targeting conservatives, but Democrats — not Republicans — are leading the attack against the internet search giant.

The sheer intolerance of Google for the political Right came to national light when the company fired employee James Damore for articulating basic facts about human biology and sex in the context of diversity at the company.

Damore’s dismissal reinforced rising concerns that Google is trying to silence conservative voices on its YouTube platform by removing advertising for conservative channel hosts.

A number of Prager University educational videos, produced by radio host Dennis Prager, were blocked from full distribution on YouTube last year after the content triggered a “restricted” classification.

Additionally, President Trump supporters worry Google’s effort to combat fake news will further give the company an excuse to remove advertising from right-leaning websites. Some Democrats, however, are gearing up to tackle Google, because the effort could yield significant political benefits.

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