COSMO VIDEO: Men Break It To Their Girls About Their SECRET GUNS…Awkward

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Cosmopolitan filmed a video that shows four couples where the guy has a secret from his girlfriend and he’s just exposed it.

The deep dark secret that one guy has kept from his girlfriend for more than a year and half is that they own guns!

Oh my! Run away in terror!

It’s actually worse than that. The video is more like watching four Beta Males be stripped down by their Alpha Females. It’s ugly and rather pathetic.

The video would have been awesome if even one of the boys would have grown a pair and realized that the relationship with these crazy liberal females was going nowhere.

Real men everywhere would have cheered if even one of these eunuchs would have stood up and said, Buh-bye, see ya, beyotch!

Instead they meekly whispered things like, the uh…but…the Second Amendment stuff. 

This is sickening if this is our…



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