Cops Refusing To Protect Beyonce’ – Guess Who Just Volunteered?

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After the Black Lives Matter embracing Super Bowl performance, Beyonce’ lost the hearts and minds of America’s cops. Since then, she’s found it difficult to get off duty officers for her security at concerts.

Guess who just volunteered? The Black Panthers.

What could go wrong with this?

From Allen B. West:

As anyone with even a sliver of common sense left could’ve predicted, cops weren’t too happy about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, which honored the Black Panthers.

Liberals apparently don’t even know the murderous history of the Panthers. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, because they’re able to defend them as warriors for civil rights with a straight face.

But you’d think they’d do more research into their heroes. Black Panther member Assata Shakur has been a figure which partially inspired the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and chants quoting her writings can be heard…



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