Cops on Force 20 Years Can’t Stomach What Was Inside This Pregnant Woman’s Trailer

South Carolina police officers learned the hard way that there are GRUESOME things no amount of training can mentally prepare you for.

Deputies in Laurens County, So. Carolina, said pregnant 25-year-old Savanah Victoria faces numerous charges after a 2-year-old boy was found unresponsive and badly bruised in a filthy home filled with dozens of dead and dying animals.

One Cop Said 20 Years on the Job Didn’t Prepare Him for the Inside of This Pregnant Woman’s Trailer!

WHNS-TV reported.

“Most of our officers probably were faced with something last night that they probably have not seen in their careers,” Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain said. “It was a very sad situation to see something like this.”

Police officers were called out to the home of Savanah Victoria Morgan, the mother who was eight months pregnant, after her 2-year-old son was found unresponsive in his room.

The deputy said he immediately noticed the



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