Cop Killer Taken Into Court: See What ‘Secretly’ Happened To His Face After Police Drop Him Off!

Dozens of Rhode Island’s most notorious murderers including a cop killer have been shipped out and are being held in prisons outside of the state, in some cases thousands of miles from where they committed their heinous crimes. Why?

Convicted Cop killer Esteban Carpio was brought into court wearing a mask reminiscent of The Silence of the Lambs and an unrecognizable destroyed face. His family nor friends were shocked and immediately began screaming about “police brutality” and other things not fit to print.

The ‘‘spit shield’’ Carpio was forced to wear is intended to protect others from blood and fluids. Providence police say Carpio was injured when he jumped out a window and in a struggle with police.

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Don’t you hate when that happens? You think you’re escaping, you jump out a window and land on your face? Well.. right.

But hey – you want to hear his side



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