Contractors: Hillary State Dept Quieted Us on Benghazi Security

A contractor hired to take care of the lax security at the Benghazi diplomatic compound just two weeks before it was attacked told Fox News that Hillary Clinton’s State Department pressured the company to keep quiet and follow the administration’s line.

Brad Owens and Jerry Torres, of Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, told Fox News’ Catherine Herridge that many of the State Department bureaucrats who made decisions at the time are still on the job and they hope that coming forward now will make a difference since President Donald Trump is in office.

“Let’s just say there’s been a change at management at Department of State,” Owens told Fox News. “I feel now that, given that the politics has been taken out of the Benghazi situation, now that there’s no longer a candidate or anything related to it, a change of administrations, that actually, we have an opportunity here to fix



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