Conservatives Talk of Boycotting Amazon After Bezos Announcement

Oh Amazon, has Target taught you absolutely nothing? Conservatives have no problem with a good old fashioned boycott when you flaunt your liberalism and use the money we spend at your business.

Last week Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and the richest man in the world with an estimated worth of around $105 billion and rapidly climbing, has announced he will spend $33 million funding scholarships for “dreamers” to go to college, because apparently there aren’t any poor kids here legally that need help.

Dreamers, of course, are young adults who were brought here illegally, as children. And while as children they certainly deserve some pity for their situation, it is their parents who very knowingly and illegally brought them here. Shouldn’t those parents be held responsible for their children? I know plenty of people struggling to pay for their children’s college who don’t have a criminal background. Why are



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