Conservatives Call For Replacement of Obama Era IRS Chief Koskinen

President Trump is in the process of getting his administration in order (with Congress being the holdup) and has not yet gotten around to replacing the chief of the IRS, Commissioner John Koskinen. He was appointed during the Obama Administration and still holds the post despite recent scandals that implied favoritism toward some religions and not others. Vietnam veteran Charles Benninghoff is one of those who are calling for Chief Koskinen’s replacement and, in fact, says that Congress should reinstate impeachment proceedings against Koskinen that were derailed last year.

Replacement of Obama Era IRS Chief Koskinen

Of special concern is illegal targeting of Christian groups who have had to wait years for approval of their nonprofit status despite a Supreme Court ruling that the First Amendment forbids the government to favor one viewpoint over another. The IRS is violating this ruling with practices such as prioritizing the approval organizations…



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