Congressman Blum – Hillary’s Email Less Secure Than Gmail…The Rate To Have A Gmail Account Hacked $129 (Video)

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Congressman Rod Blum (R-IA) may not be famous like Trey Gowdy, but he hits this line of questioning out of the park.

Hillary’s troubles don’t seem to be going away just because she has the Clinton Machine bulldozing everyone in their path. FBI Director Comey conceded Hillary’s emails were less secure than Gmail and could have been hacked.

Congressman Blum stated:

My small Iowa business doesn’t even use Gmail, because it is not secure enough. I know some security experts in the industry. I checked with them. The going rate to hack into somebodies Gmail account is $129. For corporate email, they can be hacked for $500 or less. To hack into an IP address it’s around a hundred dollars.

I’m sure the FBI can do it cheaper. This is the going rate.

Director Comey are you implying that the private email servers of Secretary Clinton’s were…



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