CONGRESSIONAL HORROR REPORT: Baby Parts Much More Profitable Than Selling Steak

Who knew that selling human body parts was so profitable?

Sadly, it is much more profitable than selling beef or pork. Animal rights people find the practice of raising cows and pigs for slaughter and sale horrifying, but they don’t seem to be too troubled by the sale of human parts harvested in abortions.

From Bethany Blankely and the has the latest on just how profitable the American abortion mill is:

Following the recent Congressional Hearing on the illegal sale of baby body parts, what the media refuses to report, is that based on orders, receipts, and bills, certain body parts are worth more than others. More than choice cuts of beef, lamb, and some pork.

And, the companies, not the mother or father, are profiting from the sale of their dead baby’s body parts, tissue, and cells.

Here is how much parents could earn if they sold their…



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