Congressional Dems Attack Drug CEO over Company’s ‘Profits’

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch seemed undaunted yesterday as she stood before a congressional hearing and recounted all the reasons why her company’s life-saving allergy-reaction injector was not as profitable as critics claim, even though her company had raised the price six-fold since 2009.

EpiPen, which is stocked by individuals and is required by many schools around the country, and also requires regular replacement when it expires, cost $100 for a two-pack in 2009. Today the price is $608, causing Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) to tell the House Oversight Committee hearing Mylan raised the injector to:

“to get filthy rich at the expense of our constituents.” Watch below.

Bresch did not apologize, though, and instead told the Committee:

“I know there is considerable concern and skepticism about the pricing. I think many people incorrectly assume we make $600 off each EpiPen. This is simply not true.”

She continued by saying her company…



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