Confessions Of A Latent Misogynist

I have talked some about my latent misogyny and I am still a little angry with the opposite sex for some reason, maybe all those failed relationships I have been in. Maybe even from junior high with all those ladies who like to flirt and tease.

We learn are manipulations early in life. Thinking back on my childhood:

I remember asking for stuff that I thought I wanted and when I would not get it, I would sort of melodramatically beg and plead like the world was ending. When that did not work i would pout around, maybe even cry some at the very unfairness of the world for a while and, eventually, hatch a plan.

The plan had a lot to do with ingratiating, butt kissing in other words. That was the birth of the charming John Michael who is still a little with me to this day.

I am mostly through my



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