COMMENTARY: What’s Behind the Post-Election Protests

An angry young woman, participating in a violent street demonstration opposed to the election of Donald J. Trump, informs a TV reporter that she will not allow Trump to take away her rights. On Facebook, another angry woman writes:

“We need to roll up our sleeves and be ready to remind [Trump] that we aren’t going to sit back and surrender to his will. That we are strong and loud and our rights matter.”

What rights, exactly, are they afraid of losing? The answer came today in an opinion piece from the San Francisco Chronicle. After alleging that Trump wants to “break up our homes,” “assault us,” “wall out our families,” and “ban us from entering the country,” the author fires her thunderbolt: Trump will “subject us to unspecified forces of law and order.”

The author thinks the imposition of law and order will destroy the rights we…



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