COMMENTARY: What Should We Do About Islam?

The United States is in the midst of a serious quandary: What should our position be on the subject of Islam and Islamic terrorism? Unfortunately, our government—which should be clarifying our intentions—has created a great deal of confusion. We do not have a coherent strategy for Islam and the Middle East.

In spite of the horror of 9/11 and more than 28,000 terrorist attacks from Islamic sources since 9/11, President Obama insists on referring to Islam as a religion of peace. He is reluctant to commit our resources in combatting Islamic extremism abroad and the potential for terrorism at home. As former CIA officer and political strategist Clare Lopez has pointed out, Obama’s policies with respect to the Islamic world have favored our enemies and undermined our allies. It is therefore reasonable to ask the question: Whose side is he on?

The liberal view supports the president: While a small…



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