COMMENTARY: Two Money Making Scammers Exposed

There is nothing better than free market capitalism.

It truly is the most amazing system ever devised. As with all great things in human history, everything has a dark side. The nefarious business dealings that is the scourge of our great system is Crony Capitalism. Two men I have written about illustrate just how wrong it can go when you mix big money with political power. The case studies are billionaires – “Bluffing Bill” Ackman and “Mountebank” Elon Musk.

Both have recently been exposed for being not all that honest with the American people. They both remind me of characters full of arrogance and consumed with pride found in the movies. Bill Ackman is an embodiment of Gordon Gekko while Elon Musk is the Tony Stark of our day minus the suit (probably in R and D).

“Bluffing Bill” Ackman has been exposed market manipulator. He is the founder of…



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