COMMENTARY: Trump Goes After Black and Hispanic Voters (Sorry Hillary You Don’t Own Them)


Hillary Clinton recently addressed, via conference call, the Laborers’ International Union of North America in Las Vegas. The former Secretary of State stated that she should be “50 points ahead” of Donald Trump in the polls. With that statement we need to ask the question, “Why is she not 50 points ahead?”

I believe that the Clinton campaign has yet to come to the realization that Trump is running a Democrat style campaign. He is beating Hillary by using her game plan. He is attacking her stronghold, blacks and Hispanics. Hillary can’t win the election without the support of the two major minorities supporting her.

We have all heard that some of the mainstream Republicans are against Trump because they think he is a liberal not a true conservative. When they read this commentary they will understand his true game plan. Go back to the Obama-McCain campaign in 2008, look…



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