COMMENTARY: The Women’s March: Decent People Seduced by the Left

Barack Obama used his devious “Hope and Change” mantra—masking a socialist, anti-American agenda—to seduce millions of “liberal” voters.  After eight years, the electorate finally awakened from the nightmare that was Obama. His agenda—the Left’s agenda—was voted down in the 2016 presidential election. No matter. The Left wants to perpetuate its values by whatever means are necessary. For the Left, the end justifies the means. They don’t care what we—the people who voted for Trump—think. The Left is against individual rights and the rule of law. The Left is totalitarian. They want to revert back to the socialist model and to hell with what the voters have to say about it.

Enter the “Women’s March.” Women from across the nation have descended on Washington to protest their victimhood. The Left has frightened these decent women, telling them that their reproductive rights are being taken away by the Republicans. Once they accept…



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