COMMENTARY: The Mindless Post-Election Frenzy

The DNC/Clinton/Obama political machine may have lost the election, but they succeeded in whipping up a mindless frenzy among their “deplorable” voting constituency.

The election is being viewed through dirt-colored glasses. As expressed by one complainer/sore loser on Facebook, many see Trump as an “incompetent, bigoted, sexist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic” so-and-so. The big fear in Liberal Land was that Trump would not honor the election results—if he lost. Now that Trump has won, the Left is doing exactly what they claimed Trump would do. Coming out in force with Nazi-style demonstrations. Calling Trump every name in the book. Trump spews hate. He targets minorities. He abuses women. He is a pig. He will screw up our foreign policy. Trump will come to your house and eat your children!

And where did all of this ad hominem invective originate? In the trash published by a biased media and in the angry…



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