COMMENTARY: The Divisive Rhetoric of a “Civil Rights Icon”

Georgia representative John Lewis declared on NBC’s Meet the Press that Donald Trump is not a “legitimate president.” The media did not comment on the impropriety of Lewis’ statement. But when Trump responded in his own defense, suggesting that Lewis should devote his energies to fixing his ailing congressional district, the Left poured out in condemnation of Trump and in support of Lewis as a “civil rights icon.”

The Washington Post said Trump attacked “one of the most respected people in America.” Charles Blow, pushing his usual racist diatribe in the New York Times, described the situation as, “A lecher attacking a legend; a man of moral depravity attacking a man of moral certitude; an intellectual weakling attacking a warrior for justice.” Former Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin compared Trump with Senator Joseph McCarthy, suggesting that Trump has no “sense of decency.” Economist Paul Krugman called Lewis’ statement “an act…



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