Commentary: Ted, Marco, and John: Snap judgment is bad Judgment

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Donald Trump’s appearance at a Chicago rally was shut down by Protesters against his campaign and fights between the protesters and his supporters spilled out into the street of Chicago. Mr. Trump’s rivals Ted, Marco, and John immediately blamed Mr. Trump for the violence at the rallies. I’m reminded how many times President Obama commented, without facts, on violent situations like Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, Charleston, and many others, to the point he was further inciting the riot because he had a political agenda.

Before the facts where in, Mr. Trump’s competitors were criticizing him as the cause of the riot because of the rhetoric in his campaign. After a few days of gathering some facts, we find that the three Republican candidates misspoke when they charged that Mr. Trump was responsible for the unrest. By their own admission the leadership of admitted that they were not only…



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