COMMENTARY: Summary of Trump’s 100 Day Plan

Donald Trump has presented a comprehensive plan for the first 100 days of his presidency. Here is an outline of what he has proposed:


Cancel all unconstitutional Obama executive orders. SCOTUS: Replace Scalia with a judge who will uphold the Constitution. Establish term limits for Congress. Hiring freeze for non-military government jobs. Eliminate two existing regulations for each new regulation. Five-year ban on post-Congress lobbying. Limits on foreign governmental lobbying. Fix Washington corruption.


Renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA. Withdraw from Trans Pacific Partnership. Identify China as currency manipulator. End unfair foreign trade abuses. Lift restrictions on energy reserves. Allow keystone pipeline and similar projects. Cancel payment to UN climate change; use the money to fix our own environment and infrastructure.


Only 3 tax brackets (down from 7). Middle class tax relief; average 35% tax cut. Reduce business tax rate from 35% to…



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