COMMENTARY: Sierra Club Solution for Global Warming: Abortion and Mass Distribution of Birth Control

The executive director of the left-leaning Sierra Club is Michael Brune.  On several occasions speaking on behalf of the Sierra Club, he has said, “Abortion addresses the number of people that we have on the planet. We feel that one way of how we can get a sustainable population is to empower women to make choices about their own families.” Brune, speaking on behalf of the Sierra Club, believes that abortion will be a cost effective way to reverse the effects of global warming by trimming the world’s population, or at least slowing down its growth. The potential growth in the carbon footprint caused by these aborted children will be diminished by their extermination.

Not to be outdone, another Democratic liberal, Gloria Steinem, in an interview with Refinery29 says, “That allowing a human child to be born instead of murdering him will cause global warming.” What does it say about



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